Do you ever feel like your relationship with God is going nowhere?


Fri-Sun, October 6-8, 2017


Y Conference exists to serve the church by equipping the next generation to love and serve Jesus.

Y Conference is not run in competition with churches, but to equip and strengthen and build the church.

Y Conference is a gospel-centred conference for Christians from any denomination.

Who for?

Young adults! 18-30’s.

Sometimes as Christians, our relationship with God feels non-existent.

Sometimes as Christians, our relationship with God feels non-existent.

Like any relationship, a Christian’s relationship with God has ups and downs. Sometimes it’s great.

Sometimes it sucks. 

Sometimes as Christians, we stop communicating with God.

Sometimes as Christians, we stop communicating with God.

Sometimes, we go for days, weeks, months, years without talking to him. Or without listening to him by reading what he has spoken to us in the Bible.

Sometimes, we fall back into the bad habits we kicked a long time ago, or we keep deliberately disobeying God by living in a way we know he isn’t pleased with.

But here's some good news.

But here’s some good news.

It is not as though in our walk with God, we become less Christian or more Christian. This is the glorious good news of the gospel:

we have been adopted into God’s family, not on a basis of merit, but on the basis of grace.

We don’t get kicked out of the family every time we screw up, or when things aren’t going well.

However, our relationship with God can still feel terrible at times.

However, our relationship with God can still feel terrible at times.

Being one of God’s kids doesn’t guarantee we’ll be singing kumbaya 24/7  irrespective of what we do. Our subjective experience of our objective relationship with our Father varies depending on how we live.

So what should we do?

So what should we do if we are Christians yet we experientially feel our relationship with God sucks? That’s what Y Conference in 2017 is all about. It’s about diagnosing and addressing our relationships with God, and giving them a health check by asking some super basic questions:

  • Am I communicating regularly with my Dad in heaven?
  • Am I speaking to him regularly in prayer?
  • Am I listening to him regularly by reading the Bible?
  • Am I actively rebelling against God in the way I live?
  • Am I actively pursuing a lifestyle that pleases him?

So come to Y conference in 2017.


Come to Y Conference in 2017 and grabble with these tough questions with hundreds of young adults from across the state.




Keith Birchley

Keith and his wife Marion work as missionaries in Port Morseby in Papua New Guinea with Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship to pastor and disciple university students. Their goal is to strengthen the biblical grounding of PNG churches. Prior to moving to PNG, Keith worked for many years at Evangelical Students at the University of Queensland, teaching and training a generation of students - some of whom you would now know as your pastor or Bible college lecturer!


Gary Millar

Gary has been the Principal of QTC since the start of 2012. After studying chemistry in his home city of Belfast, Gary moved to Aberdeen in Scotland to study theology, before completing a D.Phil at Oxford on Deuteronomy. Gary worked as a pastor for the next 17 years in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and was involved in both church revitalization and church planting, before moving to Brisbane. Gary has written several books, and is also one of the Council Members of the Gospel Coalition Australia. He is married to Fiona, and they have three daughters, Lucy, Sophie and Rebekah.


Alistair Bain

Alistair is the senior minister of St John's Presbyterian Church in Hobart, as well as a Council member of The Gospel Coalition Australia, the Presbyterian Chaplain, and a member of the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of Tasmania. He relaxes by gardening, reading, drinking coffee in Hobart’s many fabulous cafes, cooking the occasional curry, going to the movies with Rachel, and coaching the local under 12 boys soccer team.


What is Y Conference? 

Y Conference is run for the benefit of churches in South East Queensland.

We know how much work and effort goes in to planning and running conferences for young adults, organising speakers and musicians, booking accommodation and catering and so on. And for the most part, churches have enough stuff on their plates to keep them occupied. So we bear the brunt of the camp organisation so that you can just rock up! Why do we do this? To advance the kingdom of God.

Many Christians find that conferences are a unique opportunity to spend a decent chunk of time addressing important issues in their lives. Many have even become Christians on conferences! And of course, conferences are a great opportunity to network with other young Christians around the state, and to be reminded that we’re part of something bigger.

To learn more about who we are and what we believe and why we do what we do, click here.


Camp schedule


  • 4:00pm | Rego open

  • 7:00pm | Arrival

  • 8:00pm | SESSION 1

  • 9:00pm | Supper


  • 07:00am | Breakfast

  • 08:30am | Private devotional time

  • 09:00am | SESSION 2

  • 10:30am | Morning Tea

  • 11:00am | SESSION 3

  • 12:30pm | Lunch

  • 01:30pm | Free Time

  • 05:00pm | SESSION 4

  • 06:30pm | Dinner

  • 07:30pm | Night Activity


  • 07:00am | Breakfast

  • 08:30am | Private devotional time

  • 09:30am | SESSION 5

  • 11:00am | Pack-up and clean 

  • 12:00pm | Lunch

Watson Park Convention Centre

337 Old Gympie Road, Dakabin

Watson Park is located 40 minutes north of the CBD, just off the Bruce Highway (exit 138) on the opposite side to Bunnings, Westfield Northlakes and Costco. The park has serviced motel units, ensuite units which sleep 6 people, basic rooms which sleep 4 people, powered caravan sites, and camping sites. There is also a large swimming pool and sporting facilities.


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TILL AUG 31, 2017








TILL AUG 31, 2017
Got kids? Creche and a gospel-centred kids’ program will run across the weekend.

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