• 4:00pm | Rego open

  • 6:00pm | Arrival

  • 7:30pm | Get to know you games!

  • 8:00pm | Plenary Session #1

  • 9:00pm | Free time


  • 07:00am | Breakfast

  • 08:30am | Private devotional time

  • 09:00am | PLENARY SESSION 2 (Mark Baddeley)

  • 10:30am | Morning Tea


  • 12:30pm | Lunch


  • 03:00pm | AFTERNOON TEA


  • 06:00pm | Dinner

  • 07:00pm | PLENARY SESSION #3 (Joe Khan)

  • 08:30pm | Miscellaneous Fun


  • 07:00am | Breakfast

  • 08:30am | Private devotional time

  • 09:00am | PLENARY SESSION #4 (Gary Millar)

  • 10:30am | Morning Tea

  • 11:30am | Clean and Pack Up

  • 12:00pm | Lunch


This year at Y, we’re running workshops to help you figure out how to walk by faith in Jesus in all of life. You can attend one of two Christian Fundamentals Workshops which run across two sessions on Saturday (11am and 2pm)and one of four Christian Living Workshops which run at 4pm on Saturday. Click on the boxes below for more information on each workshop.


Biblical Theology Workshop

Biblical Theology

If someone was to ask you, what is the Bible about, how would you answer? What do you do when you come across those seemingly irrelevant parts of the Old Testament? How do you reconcile God’s justice and wrath in the Old Testament with his love and mercy in the New? In this workshop led by Tim Omrod, we’ll explore how the Bible fits together as a whole to reveal God’s great plan of salvation through Jesus, and how all of it helps us to trust and live our lives for Him.

Spiritual Disciplines Workshop

Spiritual disciplines

Spiritual disciplines are often confused for empty religiosity. But it’s not about going through the motions and checking off a checklist to make you feel less guilty. Sam McGeown from Village Church will help us see it’s about fostering intimacy with the God who loves you by deliberately investing time and energy into your relationship with him, and developing healthy habits that will help you remember the gospel and regularly repent.


Money Workshop: The Idol in Your Pocket


Money. Jesus is unapologetically clear that money is a major rival to God. You can’t serve God and money! Any yet, maybe we can make our money serve God? Join Scott Pasley and discover how we use our money as Christians that can be good for ourselves, the economy, and the kingdom of God.

Sexuality Workshop: A Biblical Vision of Gender

A Biblical Vision of Gender

Sex and gender is hugely important in our culture. That’s pretty obvious. But underneath conversations about sex and gender is a cultural story about what it means to be a whole, flourishing person that isn’t always so easy to spot. In this workshop Robyn Bain will explore this cultural story, and then talk about the beautiful gospel story of sex and gender that outshines it. We’ll finish by chatting about how we might engage our friends with the gospel of Jesus in these very sensitive areas.

Mental Health Workshop: Social Media and Anxiety

Social Media and Anxiety

More information to come soon!

Relationships Workshop: Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

According to the Queensland Not Now Not Ever Taskforce “1 in 6 Australian women has experienced physical abuse by a current or former partner.” These stats mean you have friends or family or fellow church members who are experiencing domestic violence right now. At this workshop, Carolyn Russell and Elizabeth Mansfield will help you spot the ‘signs’ of domestic violence and know what to do about it, whether you are experiencing it yourself or you are supporting someone else.


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