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Y is a weekend camp for young people to hear the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ from the scriptures.

This year, Pastor Darren Dakers will be preaching through the book of Ruth, showing how God is the one who brings Beauty from Brokenness.

(1) We value the Gospel!

(2) We value God’s Word!

(3) We value Community in the gospel!


9am Saturday – 11:30am Monday

5 – 7 October 2024


Mt Tamborine Conference Centre,

237 Beacon Rd,

Tamborine Mountain


Young adults

School Leavers to 30s

Darren Dakers - Senior Pastor of Coomera Baptist Church

Darren is the senior Pastor at Coomera Baptist Church. He has been in gospel ministry for over 10 years and has a deep passion for the gospel, for God’s Word and the church! Over recent years Darren has done a variety of workshops at Y but this year we are thrilled to have him come and open up God’s Word as the main speaker!
Darren is married to Teagen and they have three beautiful children.


How do we live as Young Adults in the 21st century? These speakers will help unpack specifically what it can look like for us to live glorifying God.

Part-Time Lecturer in Biblical Languages at QTC and serves at Providence Church

Megan Walsh


Ruth was single. This was bad. God rewarded her with a husband and child. And she lived happily ever after… But what does it say of me, and of God, if this isn’t my story? In this workshop we will consider how the whole story of the Bible interprets our singleness. What answers does the gospel offer for our hopes, griefs, and needs as single people? Singles and non-singles equally welcome!

Director of Ever Architecture Studio

Billy Lam

Work and Faith: A framework for considering redemptive work

“What is the theology of what you’re doing with your life?” The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the Praxis Redemptive Frame and other helpful tools that have helped shape our studio’s thinking regarding work and faith. Our prayer is that the workshop will provide some structure for your understanding as God works in and through you in your vocations and careers.

Old Testament Scholar

Kamina Wüst

Sex and Solomon - What does Old Testament Wisdom teach about sex?

Ever heard what the Old Testament has to say about sex? In this session we’ll sit down with Solomon, the ultimate sage with the unfortunate sex life, and discover that the Bible’s teaching on sexual relationships goes way beyond “don’t do it til you’re married”! Hear surprising wisdom on sex from the Song of Songs, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes – whether you’re single, married or think sex isn’t on the cards for you at all.

Lecturer at Queensland Theological College

Mark Baddeley

Tackling the Bible's view on genocide and war

We live in a world where war is a common occurrence and where military conflict can deliberately target civilians. How do we approach this aspect Christianly when Jesus teaches us to turn the other cheek, but he also upholds the authority of the OT, which promotes just wars, and even holy wars?

Pastor - City South Presbyterian Church

Nathan Campbell

God's Wisdom and Artificial Intelligence

How should we pierce through all the hype about machine generated intelligence (if it really is that) — image making machines — and live wise lives as God’s images in a changing world? How should we use and think about this new technology in our life under the sun?

Pastor - Life Centre Church Caloundra

Jimmy Smith-Cottrel

Spiritual growth for the busy Christian

God grows Christians in many ways, but one of the main ways is through the practice of Spiritual Disciplines. These include such things as the meditation on Scripture, prayer, fasting, service, stewardship, silence, solitude, confession, and worship. These will be explored and evaluated in light of Scripture and how they may help the busy Christian grow.