Save the date! More info on Y 2019 to come soon!

Y Conference has now ended for 2018.

You can access the Spotify playlist of the music that we sang here, and a PDF of the booklet here. The song “This is Faith” that was written by Matt Liao for the conference is available here, or scroll down to listen to it on Soundcloud. Access the plenary talks by clicking on the menu icon in the top right and navigating to Archive > Y 2018.

What is Y Conference? 

Y Conference is run for the benefit of churches in South East Queensland.

We know how much work and effort goes in to planning and running conferences for young adults, organising speakers and musicians, booking accommodation and catering and so on. And for the most part, churches have enough stuff on their plates to keep them occupied. So we bear the brunt of the camp organisation so that you can just rock up! Why do we do this? To advance the kingdom of God.

Many Christians find that conferences are a unique opportunity to spend a decent chunk of time addressing important issues in their lives. Many have even become Christians on conferences! And of course, conferences are a great opportunity to network with other young Christians around the state, and to be reminded that we’re part of something bigger.

To learn more about who we are and what we believe and why we do what we do, click here.

What is the Gospel Coalition?

The Gospel Coalition is a global network of gospel-centred churches; churches which believe that the central message of the Bible is the good news of Jesus: his sacrificial death on a cross for sinners like us, reconciling us with God his Father, through his Spirit.

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What is QCCA?

QCCA exists to serve God’s Kingdom and the churches of QLD by running Christian conferences, helping Christians connect with one another, and encouraging them towards maturity and the proclamation of Jesus as the hope of the world.

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Got questions?

Shoot us an email at y@qcca.org.au